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17/2/2019 - 22/2/2019 


Daily from 4pm

A-Level February Half Term Revision Course

With the external exams drawing closer, the February half-term is the perfect time to get down to some serious revision. This course will revise the key topics in the A-level Year 2 curriculum, as well as talk about motivation and exam technique. We guarantee you will come out feeling inspired to achieve your best. 

Upcoming Events

  • A level Maths Intensive
    A level Maths Intensive
    18 Feb 2019, 16:00 – 22 Feb 2019, 17:30
    Online, London, UK
    Intensive Half-Term Maths Revision Fast-track your learning, boost your confidence and deepen your understanding of A-level maths with Cambridge qualified mathematics teacher Luka, who will guide you through a range of exam questions and give you top tips for revision, motivation and exam technique.
  • FREE: A-level Maths Q&A + Motivation
    FREE: A-level Maths Q&A + Motivation
    17 Feb 2019, 15:00 – 16:00
    Online, London, UK
    This interactive workshop is an awesome way to kick-start your revision. Ask any question about A-level Maths. Plus learn how to: *Get motivated *Have the right mindset *Destroy doubt and overcome exam anxiety.
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